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Welcome to my website, which is intended to keep everyone in the community up to date with some of the key issues affecting us all here in west Kent.
I entered into politics, and have been elected to represesent you, the people of Tonbridge & Malling, as we look to work together to improve the quality of our day-to-day lives.
Five of the key community improvement programmes I am actively driving are:
1.) The reinstatement of the missing east-facing slip-roads at M25 Junction 5 Sevenoaks to connect the M26/A21 as our long overdue west Kent bypass.
2.) Chair of the West Kent Air Quality forum for investigating solutions to improving toxic diesel-related air pollution within our west Kent villages.
3.) Protecting and nurturing our area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB-Kent Downs) whilst realising the need for homes, without the damaing consequences of mass housing to our fragile environment.
4.) Focus on housing needs specifically for the younger generation.
5.) Protection and continued improvement of our health services.
Whilst I appreciate and respect allegiance to party politics in Parliament at Westminster, by stepping back from national policy when it comes to local issues, there is greater opportunity to achieve our Borough goals by supporting the local Independent man.
With your support, anything is possible in a democratic society where voices are heard.
Thank you for your continued support.
Tim Shaw, Independent, TMBC.

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