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J5 Slips Campaign

Mission Statement (overview) 


J5-Slips is a single objective, non-profit making, voluntary campaign. It's sole aim is to promote and lobby for practical support, to assist in enabling the building of East Facing Slips, which allow full connectivity to the National Motorway Network in all directions at the M25/M26/A21interchange.   believe that the A21 Pembury Dualling proposal should be closely linked with J5-Slips, and together will make significant improvements to strategic traffic in West Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

A proposal to provide a bypass to the A228 Colts Hill has been a long held aspiration. Unfortunately, the discovery of complex underground water tables meant that in 2008, this project was shelved by KCC. Recently KCC claimed it is now working with partners to get the scheme into the Transport for the South East 2050 Strategy, yet it still doesn't feature on any funding allocation through to 2022; KCC now confirm that no further work is being done on the scheme.


The  A25 from Wrotham Heath to Chipstead is currently classified by Kent County Council as a strategic trunk route. East facing slips will allow for the downgrading of this road.

East facing slips would allow for some relief for those who live on or around the A228. There are overwhelming commercial benefits for the rerouting of both local and long distance HGV and other through traffic, away from the rural A and B road network, following access to a full interchange of the A21 from the M26, which, we would argue, is what it was built for.

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Suggested layouts for introducing full connectivity at Junction 5


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